Why Advertise With Us In The Magazine?

New Technology has changed many things. But not everything. You may surf, search, shop and blog online, but you still read magazines. And you’re far from alone. Readership has increased over the past 5 years. Even the 18 to 34 segment continues to grow. In fact, typical young adults now read more issues per month than their parents. Rather than being displaced by “instant” media, it would seem that magazines are the ideal complement.

Magazines do what the internet doesn’t. Neither obsessed with immediacy nor trapped by the daily news cycle, magazines promote a deeper connection. They create relationships. They engage us in ways distinct from digital media. This immersive power extends to advertising. As a result, magazines remain the number one medium for driving purchase consideration and intent. And that’s essential in every product category. Including coffee.

Since 2008, the print version of Street Motivation has been favored by many. Highlighting independent artist lifestyle, music and news, we’ve stayed on the cutting edge by introducing new acts on the verge of breaking into the mainstream, up and coming producers and models.  Since 2014 we’ve transitioned into a digital format, streamlining our production process to bring virtually unlimited content to the masses worldwide in a fast, economical and easy format. Back issues are available in the following formats:

IPAD App ($5.99 download) | IPHONE App ($5.99 download) | Past Hard Copies ($12.80 ea TAX / S&H.)






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