Wallie The Sensei – Fck Love

Wallie The Sensei – Fck Love

Rise to Prominence: Wallie the Sensei gained attention in the music industry with his breakout hit single “Scandalous” in 2019. The song’s catchy melody and energetic delivery helped him gain a following and establish himself as an emerging artist.

Musical Style: Wallie the Sensei’s music combines elements of rap, trap, and melodic flows. His delivery often features high-energy and charismatic performances.

Notable Tracks and Collaborations: In addition to “Scandalous,” Wallie the Sensei has released other popular tracks such as “Lamb” and “Backdoor” which have garnered millions of views on YouTube. He has also collaborated with artists like 03 Greedo and Lil Tjay.

Social Media Presence: Wallie the Sensei has a strong presence on social media platforms, particularly on Instagram and YouTube, where he engages with his fans and shares updates on his music and personal life.

Continued Growth and Future Projects: Wallie the Sensei continues to work on new music and build his fanbase. He has hinted at upcoming projects and collaborations, suggesting that he is actively pursuing his music career and striving for further success.

It’s important to note that the music industry is constantly evolving. ¬†For the latest information on his music career, I recommend following his official social media accounts and checking reputable music news sources for updates.



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