Peep the first of three album covers.

Before Wale’s The Album About Nothing is made available for pre-order NOW on iTunes, the D.C. rapper decides to unveil the project’s cover art.

Designed by Sue Tsai, this is actually just the first (and most significant) of three album covers, according to Wale. He described the artwork as followed:

“Me and Jerry. Walkin up and U see a blue moon Illuminating. This is basically saying come with me on the journey that is my everything. My life. This is my fears my thoughts my dreams my Demons. For better or worse. Cover number 3 was created by my good friend sue tsai. It’s designed for my core fans.”

Due out March 31st, The Album About Nothing is led by singles “The Body” featuring Jeremih & “The Matrimony” featuring Usher, which just dropped yesterday.

[Update: Tracklist Revealed]

Following up the artwork last night, Wale has now revealed the tracklist for the anticipated Album About Nothing. The MMG rapper decided to e-mail the tracklist to a few lucky fans, who were the first to see it.

There aren’t any features indicated, so stay tuned on that front. Take a look at the hand-written tracklist in the image above. You can pre-order it here.

[Update #2: Tracklist With Features Added]

Peep the features on the tracklist below.

1) ‘The Intro About Nothing’
2) ‘The Helium Balloon’ (Feat. Jerry Seinfeld)
3) ‘The White Shoes’
4) ‘The Pessimist’
5) ‘The Middle Finger’
6) ‘The One Time In Houston’
7) ‘The Girls On Drugs’
8) ‘The God Smile’
9) ‘The Need To Know’ (Feat. SZA)
10) ‘The Success’
11) ‘The Glass Egg’
12) ‘The Bloom’
13) ‘The Matrimony’ (Feat. Usher)
14) ‘The Body’ (Feat. Jeremih)
“This is the nostalgia cover. This one is really for everybody who supported me and helped me elevate my career to new heights when I dropped “mixtape about nothing” and years later “more about nothing” writing this album I felt the same feeling I felt makin those other projects….”

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