Kevin Edwards Jr.- Up And Coming Comedian/Actor

COMEDIAN / ACTOR “Kevin Edwards Jr.” –

Ever wonder how motivation begins? Does it start at the cusp of hard work and dedication? Or could it possibly have something to do with ones passion for what they believe in, even if they see the reflection of passion in others that they have within themselves? Well, those who are curious may ask these questions daily, and some may get the answers either later or just in time.

But as for right now, the up and coming comedian/actor, Kevin Edmond’s Jr., is one of many representations of what motivation is right now. The YouTube phenomenon who’s collaborated with comedian/actor Spoken Reasons, aka John A. Baker Jr., from time to time. Has now seized the opportunity to work with Hip Hop’s legendary entrepreneur, and Co-founder of Def Jam, Russell Simmons. Kevin Edwards Jr. shares on his YouTube channel, “I’ll be working with Russell Simmons and crew now. So be on the look out for all kinds of new sketches, commercials, movies, etc.” 

With that being said, it’s guaranteed that Kevin’s YouTube followers and fans will be patiently waiting to see whats to come. Street Motivation Magazine will also be waiting patiently on what’s to come with this new actor/comedian on the rise and we will keep you posted on the outcome. Until then congratulations Kevin Edwards Jr. on making moves.

Leave us a comment or let us know about your own personal experience if you’ve had the change to meet Mr. Edwards, Street Motivation wants to know.

-Stay Motivated

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Kevin Edmonds Jr. & Russell Simmons

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