Tyler The Creator Video Review

Tyler The Creator Video Review

Earlier this month, California native Tyler, the Creator released a new music video for his single titled “Perfect” featuring Kali Uchis and Austin Feinstein. The song is a melodious track to play on a sunny spring day and the video portrays that image very well.  Kali sings a sweet verse to small monarch butterfly atop her hand while Tyler harmonizes with her in various places on the track.  The duo does a great job capturing the essence of internet art by placing the split-screen across two pastel color blocks with oddly serenading sunflowers in the background. Tyler has been covered with the same monarch butterflies as the one which has come to rest on Kali’s hand. The single butterfly resting on Kali’s hand is both smaller and lighter than those resting on Tyler which could indicate a metaphor between people and butterflies – there’s one perfect girl out there and we’re all searching for her.   Overall the song presents some unique visuals and smooth, sweet sounds we can all sit back and listen to. Check it out here. – Robert Vickens

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