Total Slaughter A Battle Rap Fan’s Perspective

Total Slaughter A Battle Rap Fan’s Perspective


First of all, I would like to begin by stating that this is solely my own opinion, not involving anyone or anything else. Like my colleague @3letterman on the infamous ANGRY FAN RADIO show says, “Talk About It”.

Let’s begin by defining the word, EPIC. Do you know that epic is the most overused word in the dictionary, next to fail. Let me go out on a limb, pardon the pun and let me say that from where I was standing, this Total Slaughter event was not epic and let me not even mention the word “biblical” that some fans were mentioning. The audacity…

Never mind the glitz and glamor of the event. I witnessed more ice on niggas necks then at the bar. The fans came dressed to impress with an impressive sneaker game that I felt as if I were on VLADTV’s Sneaker Watch, clicking through pages. Hip Hop celebrities, sheeeesh… Busta Rhymes, Fabulous, Royce da 5’9, DJ Premier, Cassidy, Sway, Kool Herc, Ebro, STAR, Charlie Clips, Tez, Ms. Fit , Bigg K, Jin and plenty more in the cut and let’s not forget our Battle Rap Analysts, Michael Hughes from VLADTV and HEAVYBAG from 15 Minutes of Fame Radio. By the way, ANGRY FAN RADIO, your presence was missed but your fans were present.

So lets cut to the chase… LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION… The stage was set in the middle of the ballroom, the lights made this theatrical activity enticing but between the acoustics of the venue, the battle rap fans talking that shit and the fucking cheap sound of the body microphones I felt as if I wanted to be home on my MAC sippin’ on that yak streaming this event, so I could hear clearly what was being said. Oh I almost forgot, the STREAM was not working! PAUSE, Battle Rappers, It’s time to become “MICROPHONE FIENDS”. How many times do I have to see Hollow struggle with these body mics. Grab the mic like Joe Budden did last night and run with it. It sound’s much clearer. And please, why are these live audio sound engineers unfamiliar with the culture and the sound of Hip Hop handling our events? How can it be that back in the days, a COLD CRUSH block party sounded better? Should Toney Tone be hired to stack the Cerwin Vegas for better sound. And by the way, to the live audio sound engineers at the Hammerstein Ballroom last night, Bon Jovi is hiring. While I was walking around the venue I noticed that flat screens could have been placed through out the venue for the fans that were far from the stage, like myself.

Tale of the CARD… Budden vs Hollow, Lux vs Mook, Rex vs Lyt and Big T vs Arsonal. I will give you a brief synopsis of these battles because I would like to review the battles in order to adequately furnish you with a full synopsis. But in the meantime, here it is: Big T, for a big guy fam, your built for a smaller stage. Daylyt, the only bars you had were left at the BAR, Lux if I wanted to go to a cook out I would have went to my aunt’s crib and Budden, you dropped the mic because you were booed, your that kid that would take the basketball home if your were not picked. Come on, your better than that.

This Total Slaughter Event was neither EPIC nor CLASSIC but entertaining. So Shady Records, how can you crown yourself “The King of all RAP BATTLES LEAGUES”? I don’t think so… Premature ejaculation is what I call it… This Total Slaughter Battle was a great promotional tool for Total Slaughter…

Look for my Tale of the CARD breakdown, this week.

Nothing but the truth, so help me GOD.
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