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Jelani Day-Graduate Student and inspiring Doctor Jelani Day only 25 years old, ISU Student went missing back in August 25th, 2021. He graduated Alabama A&M Illinois University studying Speech Pathology.  His body was found 30-days later floating in the Illinois River, missing his eyes, jaw, teeth, and organs. He had an interview that morning that he did not attend, he was showed on surveillance camera wearing a blue shirt with black slacks dressed up for the appointment, but never made it.  Later, surveillance cameras show that he was wearing a T-shirt and shorts at a dispensary, and this was the same outfit they found in his car because he was found without any clothes.  The media is not trying to focus on this very accomplished individual, but throughout the black community we want answers.  We also have black men missing such as Daniel Richardson a missing Geologist in Arizona, Venika Williams and Xavion Smith, what is really going on? This is how the other communities normally gets rid of our shining stars, making money on the black market and having no feelings or thoughts about the lives or families of our children. In the black community, we have to begin to come together and watch each other backs, for those that are just lost, many of us cannot help you.  We’ve all got to wake up and do our part, there has been so many deaths, and missing individuals throughout the black community that we can no longer keep up the count, even now as I write these words I sit in my hotel room with my piece locked and loaded, because of the constant unknown when I travel alone.  Begin to double up ladies with your friends, brothers stay close to your love ones or day ones because this world is getting crazier daily. Rest in Peace to Jelani Day, we send our condolences to his beautiful Mother, she birthed a King, and did her part as a Queen to make sure that we all knew who her son was and that his life does matter.  Peace & blessings.

Blooming Police Department for Information to help the case contact: Paul Jones (308) 434-2548



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