Tha Eastsidaz on Street Motivation Magazine Cover!!!

Tha Eastsidaz on Street Motivation Magazine Cover!

Yes and now you see it; The Eastsidaz are gracing the pages of our new 2014 July issue and we are very excited, and we know that you all have been waiting as well, but the wait is not over unfortunately.   The issues are not in yet due to the ship delay from China, but no worries our impatient SM supporters, they will be here soon so just make sure that you got your $3 ready for your issue, or more…we don’t mind if you purchase more issue for your friends and family.  We are also taking pre-orders if you wish to make sure you don’t miss out on this issue, just simply dial 323-642-7702 or email us: and place your order today!


If your a business owner and you wish to carry our issues, you can always purchase them for $3 ea. and retail them for the cost of $3.99 to gain your profit.  Dial 323-642-7702 for further info.


Happy Reading!


Eastsidaz Cover Vol 23

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