Supreme 2016 Collection

Supreme season is upon us and to kick off the year this street wear brand has dropped their look-book featuring some dope new designs for their Spring and Summer collection. Known worldwide as the standard setter for street fashion, Supreme never disappoints in any release. This year’s line is incredibly reminiscent of 90’s chic with their pieces showing influences from a time when style meant plaid flannels, bright colors, and big pockets – taking us back to a time when a trip to the corner store meant honey buns and hot Cheetos.
Some of the more nuanced pieces include a fatigue jacket with a trippy butterfly on the back (fit for any revolutionary), a sandy snakeskin coat, and a bright red, sequin patch, quilted bomber with a three-crown crest on the back. This stuff is top notch!
This line is set to officially release in NY, LA, and Paris on February 18 so we can expect to see lines forming outside of the Fairfax location as soon as Tuesday afternoon. Hip-hop heads, skaters, scalpers, and schoolkids alike will undoubtedly be in attendance – all hoping and wishing to get their hands on the newest piece of Supreme. Not unlike other brands, such as Jordan, camping out has become a cultural tradition. You and your friends sleep in the streets for a few days, get some good stories and good bonding, and at the end you fight your way through a smoke filled starving crowd – it’s a part of the Supreme mythos. And for the warrior who fights till the end, that army-green Rastafarian trench coat is totally worth it.
Robert Vickens

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