Ash Wednesday just passed so we all know what that means for this time of the year: Fish fries and Good Friday! Kanye brings us some well needed soul with his new track 30 hours. As his latest installation in the GOOD Friday lineup of amazing tracks he takes us back to his roots in the Midwest. With quips about late night trips to waffle house, allusions to an early 2000 Nelly, and Popeye’s meals in the Double Tree Inn he paints an eloquent picture of his past relationships. Yeezy guides us through the canals of his mind over calm, melodious synths and steadily pulsing drums. This track is pure energy and every word comes to life.
Failed relationships are a part of everyone’s life. When you can look back at a picture of an ex while witnessing his or her decline in real-time it gives you a sense of security (evil as it may be we all know the feeling)! Once you find someone who makes the work worth the effort you find happiness, and the hurt is healed. In 30 hours Kanye gives us the feeling we’re taking a road trip to see that special someone who lives in the next state – 30 hours away – just to see his or her face.
This comes at the perfect time considering many of us will be making this drive within the next 48 hours. Play this song while you hit cruise control and have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Kanye West

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