Young QCSan Bernardino, CA. -September 2nd, 2012 on the West side of Chicago, mother Yolanda Holmes, of Chicago’s very own up and coming rapper Qawmane “Young QC” Wilson (24), was shot and stabbed to death while at her home. After Yolanda Holmes gruesome passing, Qawmane “Young QC” Wilson had gone straight to the bank, reportedly, seven days after his mother‘s death. Being the sole proprietor of his mother’s bank accounts and life insurance policy, he had collected up to $90,000, and began to recompensed amounts of cash to his fans as well as making other huge purchases which had also led to him flossing this money via YouTube, and creating various posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Expressing at the time of his flaunting moments on a YouTube posting in the month of May with stacks of bills in his hands, Wilson explains, ”…just to show people I’m on a whole other level…” and truth be told, this expression had really foreshadowed his fate. On Christmas Eve, December 24th 2013, Qawmane “Young QC” Wilson and two of his alleged henchmen, Eugene Spencer(22) and Lorian Johnson(23), were convicted of murdering his mother and taken into custody. QC had then confessed the reasons for this crime was, reportedly for, “financial gain”.  -Kim LaSha

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