Producer Dae One

Producer Dae One is a record producer and recording artist trailblazing from Hawthorne, CA. At the age of 14, he began his artistry writing and developing his own songs. While attending high school, he learned how to use an Akai MPC 3000 and learned the art of chopping and looping samples from records. Post high school, Dae One found himself under the wing of the legendary, Dj Sir Jinx. The two would eventually build through Dae One’s childhood friend, Noni Spitz. Noni was rap battling at a club Sir Jinx was djing at and Sir Jinx was impressed with his verbal ability.

After the event, Sir Jinx approached Noni complimenting him and wanted to work with him. Noni, replied, “That’s cool, I’ll only come if I can bring my producer, (Dae One). Sir Jinx then replied, “Alright, bring him with you.” While at his house, Sir Jinx asked Dae One to play him some beats. When he played him some of his work, Sir Jinx would ask Dae One to play another after another seeming unimpressed. After he played him his material, Sir Jinx played him some of his work. Time had passed, and Sir Jinx eventually called Dae One to offer to mentor him on production. About four years later, Sir Jinx had a conversation with Dae One about their first meeting. Sir Jinx said “Remember the first time you came over my house and you played me some of your beats? I was trying my hardest to not tell you how dope you were.”

During the period Sir Jinx mentored Dae One, he had him in the studio when he was producing for artists such as Kurupt, Roscoe, and Xzibit. He taught Dae One being a producer would be great career to pursue. This mentorship opened the door for him to work with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Chance the Rapper Glasses Malone, Top Dawg Entertainment, Daz Dillinger, Big Rapper Pooh, Suga Free, Bishop Lamont, Chance The Rapper, and Uncle Murda. Recently, Dae One started his own independent record label called XCVI Recordings.

Now being a well established name in the game, Dae one is looking to educate young producers and songwriters who are looking to pursue a similar career path with his new workshop called Meet The Masters. Dae one hosts the event at the 1500 Sound Academy in Inglewood, CA and interviews industry professionals to share their stories and give advice to those looking to become established. Producers and songwriters are also encouraged to play their music in front of Dae One and the workshop’s guest speaker to receive immediate feedback. On June 10, 2018, Dae One had the prolific, Terrance Martin as his first guest and he gave genuine advice about how to approach music and how to gain longevity. Artists then were able to receive feedback on their tracks and network with one another. Just as Sir Jinx mentored and gave Dae One helpful advice, Dae one is doing the same. He is looking to help the next generation prosper.

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