940968_985906201447317_1979328450270689560_nLA has been introduced to a highly talented new artist by the name of Rhyme Scheme. His name alone states his absolution of the art. “Rhyme Scheme” means the flow, articulation, and sheer dedication to the form of hip-hop at its heart. He hails from Detroit, Michigan and lives in Los Angeles, California (you can clearly hear the West Coast influences in his music). Tupac, Luniz, and modern day underground all have a heavy influence on his music. When we speak about hip-hop as an art or as a form, this man exemplifies what it truly means to dedicate himself to the perfection of such an influential medium. It would seem that his scheme is to motivate a larger change in, not only Black America, but in society at large. He served a tour in Iraq and we can only surmise the hardships he has seen, heard, and felt. These difficult topics are spoken on as he spells out a fate pulling the reigns of oppression tugging at the souls of people worldwide towards a fate not worth seeing. His music screams a shout of freedom we can all hear and appreciate.

This Detroit raised, West Coast influenced artist has been dominating the scene and shows no signs of stopping. He raps like he has a razor in his jaw and proves it in his rhymes; ‘Scheme’ fits his personality. Many artists claim to “kill the game” but Rhyme actually has the raps to back it up. In his single ‘The Connect’ he references Cali, purple kush, Kobe, and shinobi (elements which combine like Voltron to form a rap machine). The machine goes on to demolish conventional thoughts about separation from coast to coast. A melting pot of artists are featured on the track and the production switches from rugged to smooth in a seamless flow of epic transmission. His metaphors murder any battle rappers and his similes make the most intellectual listener think twice. This track features artists Big Herk on the first verse bringing the ugly, realistic, concrete-hard rhymes from the mean streets of Detroit and Cean Murq with the smooth, hellish, cyclonic rhymes from the left-side, and Rhyme himself with chaotic, bullet-ridden, revolutionary war raps from Detroit to Cali in order to create a unique gritty sound that’s not quite West Coast and not quite Mid-West but something straight from the heart of the streets across the country. It’s pretty easy to say his sword is sharp.
When he raps you can actually hear the voice of struggle coming through; it’s like a thousand people screaming for freedom. No other track projects this message more than ‘Progression.’ In a day and age when all we hear is news pertaining to basketball players and car crashes he brings the real news we need to hear. In the initial bar he states the single word “Armageddon,” acknowledging the state of the streets we live in right now – “88 blades like Malcom” this line is absolutely revolutionary in its attitude and sheer lyricism; just like Rhyme says, “you only live once so live your life,” and we all must exact some sort of change. We must all take responsibility for our neighborhoods and enact positive progression. Malcolm would have all brothers and sisters taking care of our own and helping each other out with any and every normal day-to-day struggles. “By any Means Necessary” is more than just a simple statement and Rhyme Scheme takes this sentiment to a whole ‘nother level: “I got my 9 on my side and you gon pay that piper if you ever try to get in the way – of my progression. No struggle no progress. I’m tryna get mine by any means like Malcolm X…” – when this line drops you hear the voice of a generation of youth who are tired of an overly oppressive police state, a mechanical system powered by greed and corruption, and who are sick and tired of being slaughtered in the streets of Amerikkka. Malcolm sat by his window for a very specific reason and Rhyme Scheme sets this feeling onto a track with great emotion and verbiage. Progression isn’t something that happens overnight nor over the course of a few days, but rather a revolution which occurs during the course of a generations’ coming of age. Rhyme Scheme captures the voice of an oppressed generation of youth inspired by the ideals of, not only Malcolm, but, also, Dr. Huey P Newton, Bobby Seal, Assata Shakur, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This sort of revolutionary rap is the spark that generations have been searching for to light the way toward a better tomorrow.

12806231_971534256217845_3163192421206736501_nHe shows a grittier side in the single “West Coast Drama.” With the melodious hook and hardcore rhymes he delivers a message that despite his Midwest upbringing he is inspired by the west coast. Limitless is an understatement to describe this MC’s skills; he brings an energy to the game which is raw, rugged, and unadulterated. He grew up in inner-city Detroit, served his country overseas in Iraq, and resides in Los Angeles (talk about seeing some drama). He knows the facts about what makes life worth living, and the fact is: If you don’t make a change during your lifetime, then you’ve died for nothing in the grand scheme of things.
His EP: Progression features tracks which are heavily influenced by an old school West Coast sound and Detroit street messages. The track ‘Summer Time’ shows us a dimension of subtle sentimentality we don’t get to see often. He makes us very aware of the fact that crime waves seem to always rise with the weather (especially in the Mid-West where no one steps outside during the harsh winter). Law enforcement tend to go overboard and street violence sets itself at a peak. At a time when we should all come together and celebrate Mother Nature’s mercy, why do we get anxious and kill each other when we can simply hit a community pool in the dust-bowl barren Mid-West or head to the beach in Oceanside LA? In an era of a country where we all started and still live as slaves, LAPD put body cameras on hold, and no one wants to witness an early grave, we have better things to do than catch a stray. These are the messages Rhyme Scheme attempts to portray.

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