The New issue is here! Featuring producer extraordinaire Mr. Ervin “EP” Pope if your not familiar with him, take the time out to visit his website and enter the world of a production outside of Dr. Dre and you’ll find that there is more than just one Hot Producer in this town, Ms. Kim Lasha brings you his story on the inside.  We also bring you more political stories by writer Brandon Loran Maxwell on the “2014 Obama Health Reform” on page 13,  keeping you in touch with your hip hop lifestyle and a great story on “The Good, The Bad And the Ugly” side of Hip Hop is Ms. Telecia LaRue pg. 18, and while we are working hard in the office, writer Mr. Charlie Mac is upgrading his salsa skills with his visit to the 14th Annual Latin Awards pg. 32. 

Don’t forget to check this issues Top 10 Videos, Mixtapes, LP’s & EP’s on pg. 54  and Yes! The album reviews are in and we know that some of you out there are dying to see how many dubs your album received for Jan 2014 as well as the written review, was it hot or not?? Well the answers are in and all on pages 15 & 57

All of this and more is coming to you this January of 2014, Happy New Year to all of you and we hope that you take the time out to order our new issues and continue to support the movement from the underground to the top!!


VOL 21 2014 ErvinPope




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