Young Sixx is an upcoming rapper representing Nurnberg, Germany. The 2Freshy’s CEO recently released a new track called Alla Way Lit, that is full of energy and can get any crowd moving. This record has a fast paced and trap influenced beat with a catchy hook that repeats “Alla Way Lit, and pull out your camera I’m a walking movie.” When listening to this track, you can’t help but bounce and get hyped. In terms of the verses on this record, there are only two 8 bar verses. It is very minimalistic and it focuses more on the hook and the beat. My favorite line on the track is “Lit, lit, lit, I’m too lit to quit.” It is as if he is paying homage to MC Hammer’s song and album Too Legit To Quit. Both tracks have mass appeal and can get the crowd chanting. Overall, this track reflects the period of hip-hop we are in. Today’s hip-hop is more based on the vibe and overall feel of the record. It is more about having people move to the beat exerting energy and having a good time. Think this record in my opinion, has the potential to be a hit. 

(Written by: Justin Muzack)


Listen Here:




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