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How long have you been working in music?

I’ve been actively releasing music since 2003-2004. First body of work 2005. Writing/ Recording for 21 years now.
Who are a few of your inspirations?
Jaila Anaya Petyon and London Gilliam. My 4 Beautiful daughters who inspire me to get up and make it happen every. I have a gift that I change the lives of those around me for the better. The opportunity to ease some of the financial burden for my family encourages me. The sheer desire to be a true master of my craft, constantly trying out do my last effort is another component that inspires me. Experiences.
What has been some of your greatest struggles in music?
Getting on. Having the money to independently fund a rap career.
Being heard / seen on a bigger platforms ( ties back into $ in most cases )
People assuming I have a shoe in because of my brothers stature in the industry.
west coast stereotypes Balancing Life and Music.
Who are some the most famous or even the greatest artists that you’ve worked with?
DJ Battlecat, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, The Dogg pound ( Daz Kurupt, Nate Dogg ,Warren G, Soopafly, Problem ,Denaun Porter, Xzibit ,Nottz JellyRoll, Focus ,Dem Jointz, 1500 or Nothin, The Eastsidaz, BJ the Chicago Kid, Dom Kennedy, Sir Jinx,Terrace Martin, I’ll Camille ,Georgia Anne Muldrow. Ab Soul. Sa Ra

What career accomplishments make you most proud?

I didn’t cut corners. I did the demos. I earned my following the hard way. Me and Terrance in his garage in 1999. Hundreds of shows for free. Me and Glasses renting venues and packing em out. Hundreds of features for free giving my best efforts if I did a verse for Snoop or an up and coming artist.  if I was on stage opening or the name on the marquee if always added value to anything I’ve been involved in. Bad mics, janky house systems, pay to play gigs, talent contest to open for summer Jam, spending my own money  pressing whiltw labels to service DJ pools, sitting outside mizner meetings with my vinyl trying to make a way for myself  radio drops in song format. Dorsey Fuller and Tawala Sharp both formally of 100.3 the beat both did a lot for me in my early stages allowing me to visit the station as often as i like just being there came with lots of opportunity. All experiences that molded some of who I am today.

Looking back at the bodies of work I’ve created with minimal assistance outside of production, no machine, no financial backing .. I’ve written, recorded, arranged/sequenced every album / mixtape / Ep  I’ve released since I started. I’ve handpicked every beat, constructed every song. Picked every featured guest by every skit. I didn’t waiver with the tide or chase anyone’s sound. I own my identity. I put the work in. I haven’t and wont compromise the integrity of the product I put in the public. I’m proud that I’ve have remained myself thru it all.

What are your greatest weaknesses?

Being Kind Hearted as a person and expecting others “thing. I don’t view it as a weakness per say, but it is something this industry will expose as it appears it takes some form of selfishness to succeed in this business and I’m not cut that way as a person. Visibility. I n one or my more recent runs I dropped 37 visuals a a year span.. even dropping one a day for a week or two just because.
I’m not seen on a big enough platform for people to know I exist and can go with the best of them. When you drop quality product back to back to back yet you don’t receive the recognition you feel you’ve earned by by doing so it can become frustrating which leads to doubt, holding on the music etc. Resources. I lack the proper team in place needed to navigate they rap. I  wear too many hats and I have my entire career. Something suffers along the way. Trying to balance it all has earned me front row seats on a tour of the scenic route.. and finally.. Time. With my kids and work I don’t have a lot of it. I’ll never been willing to allow my livelihood to be wagered by the waiting game we call rap.

Tell us about a difficult situation in your life and how you overcame it?

I Lost my Best friend Brother and biggest supporter of my music career over the last 20 years just a few years ago. I don’t think it’s a thing you overcome. That Loss was the most devastating thing I’ve had to endure, prior to everything that happened to my Daughter. Being told I could leave children’s hospital with my baby was by far the toughest thing I’ve had to take on.. I begged and pleaded to the Lord asking for her life to be spared as she fought for her life under extenuating circumstances. Faith is the only way to overcome such a thing. Your hands are tied and there is only one out of this hospital. The grace of God. She is out of the hospital and thriving daily. I’m grateful.

Do you play any live instruments?

I dabble but not enough to confidently say I play. I recently got my first drum set. Haven’t had the time to lock in but I’m going to invest some time in that soon.

 Describe your family members musical interests and abilities?

My Father plays a few instruments and pushed me in that direction young  I played piano and flute in school but didn’t stick with either. Weekends were filled with incents burning.. maze pkayomh or sade getting to tag along with Cat iver the years is a bless Cat one if my 3 older brothers is one of the most talented beings I have ever seen navigate around a room of equipment. I don’t think there is anything he cant do St Jedi level. Its absolutely amazing to experience.

Who was your first inspiration in music?

Kriss Kross as a kid.. Then as I became serious in pursuit of it all ,Kyrot quickly became my favorite MC during the wake up show days where he would rap 10 mins straight felt like back then. We used hurt and find something to tape over so we could record it. S/o to the Legend Kurupt the Kingpin. 

Have you ever made a mistake onstage while performing?

Yea I’ve bobbled a word or 2… nothing too extreme though.

Do you still get nervous before performing or any competitions or anything?

No I don’t get nervous… I’m made for the moment. I’m prepared.

What advice would you give someone who’s just getting started in the music industry

Don’t laugh, get your product and presentation tight first. Set some realistic goals for yourself, figure out what steps are necessary to get where u want to be and make strides towards those one step at a time. It takes a lot of money to make it in rap. Build of team of people who believe in you and what you / brand stands form and is down to help you build from the ground up. Not a circle of other rappers but people qualified to handle day to day operations so you can focus on the music.

Who are some of your favorite musicians?

Michael Jackson, Battlecat ,Stevie Wonder, Jellyroll, Hi Tek, Denaun Porter, T Pain, Jay Z, Crooked I, Kurupt, K Dot, Nipsey Hussle, Rick Ross, Columbo Black, Royce the 5’9 ,Common ,Busta Rhymes, Elzhi, Just Blaze, Lupe Fiasco, Bigg Joe West, Uncle Chucc ,Larrace Dopson, Terrace Martin, Macado, Like ( of Pac Div ) Syknezs, Amplified, Eminem JadaKiss, DJ Quik, Pharrell William Drake, Tri State and Seige Monstracity.

 We know that your daughter has had multiple surgeries how is she doing now?

She is doing Good. She just turned 2 yesterday.

 What measures have you taken with your daughter in order for her to have a healthy recovery?

I Love London with everything I have. Everyday. I encourage her daily, going above and beyond to keep her in good spirits and I’m there for everyday thru the good times and the bad. She has multiple therapies a week as well a daily regimen of 15 plus medications outside of her scheduled feedings via Gtube. We pray for Gods will to be, we pray for strength, patience and the poise to persevere thru it all. We believe our prayers are being answered and we move fwd daily thru all that comes with. Some days are extremely overwhelming. We navigate the best we can to be ok so we can be who need to be as parents. Complete team effort with London.

 What changes have you had to make since her surgeries?

Our lives have changed in such dramatic fashion you could do a separate article on that alone. It’s a Ton. 

 How do you balance your music with other obligations?  I’m a Father b4 any of the music stuff. I’ve occasionally missed a night of work or 2 at the gig in pursuit of my goals with music. I record at home, I have for over 15 years, and i record myself and mix. That eliminates me having to be in someone’s studio on their watch or at mercy of studio hours. I shoot vids when I can.  Some times on Lunch break at 3am… Ask Dah Dah he will vouch. Whatever it takes. I do try to take some time out to dedicate to what I love doing. It’s hard when it’s not paying any bills or supplying and means to feed your family. I have to make a decision daily when I get in from watching London, Eat, Sleep, Record, Watch the Game etc. Trying make the most of my 24 hours.. 16-20 of it goes to work and being a Father. I sleep at 3am on my Lunch and may get a lil rest somewhere thru the day. Not often tho.

 What do we have to look forward to on your next or current project?

Perspective. Poise. Perseverance. Pain. Experience. Adversity. Ambiance. A1 production across the board decorated with Vocal arrangements that grab your attention and keeps your locked in for the duration of the album.

Where can we find your most current music?

I Have 2 singles out “Rents Due” and “Don’t Be late” available on all steaming services. There is also my Debut solo Album titled “King Arthur” available everywhere u can stream music and a collaborative Album with Compton Barsmith Columbo Black titled the “BARtenders” – Pocket Check where you can hear some of the most dynamic word for word exchanges ever created. Our 3 offering to the game. ( the other tapes and all my bodies of work you can find at &

if there is anything that we have not asked please feel free to fill us in and that will all be included in this interview for this issue featuring your brother we thank you so much for your time your energy your efforts and I look forward to sending you over a copy of the issue thank you so much.  Sharon Perrin, CEO



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