Movie “RIDE ALONG” Hits the 100 Millionth Mark!!!

Alright! Alright! Alright! Comedian Kevin Hart is doing it big in Hollywood yall!

Yes, he may be five foot two inches, but that doesn’t mean a thing because his dreams are bigger than his size, and they’re all coming true.  Released January 17, 2014, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube collaborated on the movie “Ride Along”, which recently hit the 100 millionth mark on the charts!  Kevin Hart recently shares on his personal Instagram page, “We had a goal of making a movie that could appeal to everyone and that’s exactly what we did. We made a UNIVERSAL film! The days of movies being labeled as “Black Movies” are coming to an end. We are making good films people! This is some Black History for your a**…this is a blessing! Thank you to all the fans who have helped us accomplish this amazing goal!”

If you haven’t gone to check out the movie Ride Along, do so! Congratulations Kevin Hart and Ice Cube! Salute!
-Stay Motivated!


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