Before the clock struck two on December 27th, men, women, and children of all ages and different ethnic backgrounds gathered around at Pan Pacific Park in the city of Los Angeles. Sitting and standing shoulder to shoulder, getting to know the neighbor next to them. Advocates of the #MillionMarchLA were greeted by the organizers of ((WE)) with instructions, chants, and guest poets who had come to motivate with words of expression. “To unite and empower the people of Los Angeles and establish purposeful relationships through direct action.” It was direct alright…inspirational, peaceful, and motivating.
Posters that read “Black Lives Matter”, “All Lives Matter”, and “No Justice, No Peace!” were being held high in the hands of thousands who had come out to support a peaceful, organized, and non violent protest. Shirts were stained and crafted in white ink, asking the onlookers who honked and yelled out of their car windows “Are ((We)) Next?”.
Recording producer DJ Mustard, artists The Game, Tyga, and other celebrities had come to the demonstration showing love for the cause. As “phase one” reached completion, the hymn “We Shall Overcome” had been sung, followed by a closing prayer. –Kim LaSha

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