Miami Police Boycott Beyonce

By now we’ve all seen Beyonce’s amazing video “Formation”, it is a purely powerful piece of art. When she performed the song during halftime at the Super bowl she had an army of dancers dressed as Black Panthers. Police around the country are outraged. There have been calls to arms and press conferences. In Miami, the Fraternal Order of police has met in secret to create a pact for boycotting Beyonce’s upcoming concert scheduled for April 26. As their spokesperson, Javier Ortiz has stated he did not watch Beyonce’s performance during halftime “out of respect for our profession.”
The nature of Beyonce’s performance was such that it represented a grand celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Black Panther Party, a party which stood not for violence against police, but for protection and positive collaboration of black people throughout America. They stood for progression of the race and started nationally renowned projects such as the Free Breakfast Program; they were even building hospitals with free healthcare. It is well known the radical measures which had to be taken in order for the protection of an entire people due to the negative press and propaganda the Party received, but in a day and age where reports of police consistently killing young black men and women in cold blood has become commonplace, it’s no wonder they worry a megastar may bring about the next long hot summer. – Robert Vickens


-Robert Vickens

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