Marlon Wayans Presents… “What The Funny?”

1383307_10152713211096664_1627646963_nThe most significant thing about being persistent when motivating yourself and others, is that there are many ways to maintain motivation. For example, inspiring others through actions, encouraging people with words of wisdom, or exchanging a laugh or two, could result to the many ways of staying motivated when helping yourself and others reach their goals. In addition to exchanging laughs and reaching goals, the very well known comedian, actor, writer, and producer, Marlon Wayans, has launched his new website called ‘What The Funny‘.
Starring other popular stand-up and new up and coming comedians, ‘What The Funny’ features a variety of non-stop comical parody sketches, and individual webisodes available throughout the entire site. “The internet is the land of opportunity,” says Wayans.
In a previous interview with Hollywood Reporter, Marlon Wayans explains, ”[This is a] playground for my family and for all comedians who have something funny they want to do,” Wayans also added, “Eventually [this] will be the new network everyone watches.”
The laughs doesn’t stop at What The Funny. Marlon Wayans will be premiering his new movie sequel, A Haunted House 2, April 18th 2014. So if you feel like you need an uplifting, or just in need of a great laugh, check out and see for yourself.
Salute to inspiring with jokes and laughter. -StayMotivated



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