Mac Miller’s Emotional Journey

Mac Miller’s Emotional Journey

Mac Miller, EZ Mac with the cheesy raps, Billboard’s Top 100 resident, Pittsburgh native, whatever name you know him by, Mac Miller has had a hectic journey since his ascension to stardom. In his documentary from Fader Stopped Making Excuses he takes us on a trip through his troubles and triumphs.
Mac Miller has been recognized as a highly talented MC since his debut mixtape, KIDS, and has even made it onto Forbes’ list of millionaires 30 Under 30. His skyrocket to stardom landed him in LA with a string of songs, a stash of drugs, and a list of problems. He watched himself spiral and channeled all of that dark energy into an amazing list of albums. As he came to realize his state of mind he had an epiphany that he didn’t want to go down in history simply as another great musician who happened to overdose.  It’s like food for the soul to reminisce on your home, and Mac Miller did just that. Last year he took a trip to his home town Pittsburgh and spent some quality time with old family and friends. We can all relate to that warm feeling of familiarity when you can eat food you haven’t tasted since childhood, you can drive the streets without a GPS, and you can go places with people you’ve known since you were a kid.  He was home, he performed, and he was revived.  In an inspirational quote from the documentary, Mac Miller has this piece of wisdom about life:
“I want to be positive as a human being, and through music. But, I also want to have low points because it’s like an ascension and there’s moments that get dark. Nothing is all good.”Robert Vickens

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