Lupe Fiasco Bone (Babylon Remix)

Lupe Fiasco Bone (Babylon Remix)

Lupe Fiasco has dropped a new track to pique our interests. This artist is well known for being an intellectualist, activist, and creative pioneer. His latest addition to his long roster of impressive tracks is a reworking of SZA’s Babylon.
In this song Lupe weaves a web of superficiality, false personas, and celeb-reality. He parallels the downfalls of each of these concepts with images of the animal kingdom and goes as far as to say “and I can only blame myself, and BET Uncut, some of the shades of Grey…” The way Lupe juxtaposes society’s views and religious demoralization with feminist ideals and absolutely slays the decay of a new generation because of pop culture can only be described as masterful. Even the hook is a double entendre (when you listen closely and check the artwork for the song it will all make sense.) While we wait for his next 3 albums slated to drop this year and The Cool 2 next year we can rest assured he will keep our interest with tracks geared towards waking us up and reviving the streets. Listen to it and decide what you think: – Robert Vickens




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