Lo’Key Tha YG “Good Times”

Lo’Key Tha YG  “Good Times”


What’s that you say homie? Fo fingaz up, two twisted in the middle; that’s the West Coast battle cry and Lo’Key Tha YG has been on LA’s scene no holds barred. He’s been blessed with game and wants to drop a little knowledge on the rest of us. His classic West Coast beats and modern bop combine with his musical influences from all ages to give him a timeless sound. His style is reminiscent of rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Short Khop, a touch of Ice Cube and he flows cleaner than a new pair of chucks.

Lo’Key Tha YG comes from a very musical family in both Los Angeles and Pomona, California. Since he was young he has had a knack for entertaining and quickly found his passion in life by rapping with his cousin on his first track titled “They Don’t Want War.”

His first EP was a project titled “West Ryde” which featuring reggae artist Sistah Ambussh and his cousin Young Lexo aka AEM Jr.  Later Lo’key did a single titled Me and My Mama Past to Present” which featured him and his mother Miz Tasti as a rapping duo; since then, he has released a few solo projects, his most recent being his highly awaited track “Good Times.”

In the past, he has written songs with big names like Daz and Kurupt, and has taken his music to an international crowd by collaborating with UK artist Ashleigh K on the song “Knock Me Down.” The track with Ashleigh K is an epic motivational anthem the streets can listen to; Ashleigh K’s international voice and sharp melody meets with Lo’Key’s smooth, echoing adlibs to form a song that you can nod your head to. His single “Time Waits For No Man” is a deeper song discussing thoughts of time running out and continuing on your life’s mission. The video features images of clocks running and hypnotically swirling as well as a few shots paying homage to the late Tupac. His most notable single is the well-received West Coast party beat “Fo Fingaz Up.” This song is very true to California and when Lo’Key Tha YG raps you can hear the voice of the west, mix it with some groovy digital high hats and amplified bass drops and we’ve got ourselves a hit.

good times coverLo’Key has just released his new single “Good Times” and it’s a high upbeat song you can dance to – it reminds you of the days when music had soul and the party was all about two-stepping. His style is certainly easy to vibe to, plain as put,  it’s just good music.  Visit www.officiallokeythayg.com



-Robert Vickens

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