The Lobster Live Mixx Lounge

The Live Mixx Event

Kim LaSha’ here letting you all know that Street Motivation ended the month of July off right!  Thursday night SM was out hitting the streets again, and this time we headed down to Pasadena, CA. We rolled out our red carpet at the Lobster Live Mixx Lounge promoting our newest Street Motivation Magazine volume 23 issue featuring “Tha Eastsidaz”.  Club promoter DJ Kane of Kane Entertainment hyped the crowd,  DJ HITZ mixed the newest music on the turntables, and SM’s CEO/Owner Mz. Tasti was on the mic getting everybody out on the dance floor.  It was too live! Our SM host/model Krystal Yvonne and street team manager Lo’Key Tha YG were on the red carpet taking pictures with all of our SM supporters and fans, while I captured the moment to share with you like I’m doing right now.  But if you didn’t get the chance to catch up with us. Just come to the HunchoTV event in Downey, CA., and join Street Motivation tonight on our red carpet… See you there!

DJ Hittz


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