Good Employees Going Bad

Have you ever worked for a job that you thought was going to be the best job ever? Did you put all your dreams into the company with great hopes of moving ahead in life, not just for you but also for your families future, only to be let down by not just the company but more by the employers who the company hired to be your manager, DA or Supervisor? You spend countless hours searching for the perfect job that’s going to make your life a bit easier with a better income, you perfect your resume and at some point, you may have even paid a service to write your resume for you in order to make sure all T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted, you sign up with sites like Monster, Indeed, &, with more hours spent of going to each company website and filling out their online applications. You finally get a call back after a year of intense searching and it’s the job you wanted! You buy an outfit that’s going to help you shine on the interview, and you take an hour-long shower just to make sure you’ve washed off any negativity that could potentially stop you from landing this perfect position. You’re Hired! Start your new job, get to know all the employees and your boss seems great!

Time goes on and you’re happy but you also start to notice all the drama at work, your boss plays favoritism and lacks real knowledge of his/her position, employees start to lack on the job, the facility is not cleaned properly, you can’t get your work completed because someone else hasn’t finished their work that may be attached to your work, and every day you become more agitated, irritated and stressed, you think to yourself “I’ll just keep my head down and not socialize with anyone, because even if you decided to complain, it may fall on death ears anyway, and your not in a position to make any changes, so you give up as well and begin lacking on your end and think, Hey! They don’t care so why should I? Now you too have fallen into a good employee who has gone bad.

What can be done about this situation? Who do you make the complaints to? If you tell anyone higher up, they may be friends with the manager and now your job is on the line for speaking up, and now everyone on the job is now acting brand new with you. How can positions like this be fixed or secured, and give back the original reason why you took the job in the first place? So many good employees are experiencing not only this scenario but also job harassment, overworked and feeling used by the company with no real future. It’s hurtful because you know all the steps that you had to take in order to gain that position and you want so badly to remain humble, loyal and dedicated to the company, but you’re put in a game of should I walk out or stay??

As a “W-2” your always trying to find new ways of becoming a “1099” and do away with working for others, I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to myself and not even the union could help save my job. Ultimately I ended up being let go from a company due to them closing the department but I also could not transfer out of the department because my boss continued to lie to other DA’s about me, so no one would have me work in their department so of course, I’m out the door. But not leaving easy, I sued their ass, got paid and give a middle finger to the air every time I think of the lead DA. I also blamed the company (Kaiser Permanente) for this situation, for hiring a bitch who could team up with other co-workers and bamboozle me out of my great job and never took a second to look into what really happened.

What else can be done if you’re ever put in any of these situations? First I would begin a work journal to jot down how your days went daily, that way when something goes sour, you can pinpoint not only the exact date but also what was happening prior to this. Next, begin researching good attorneys that take on job harassment cases and last but not least, always keep a folder of all your hiring paperwork, vacation approvals, PTO’s (Paid Time Off) Check Stubs or basically anything that you’ve signed. Also, it may not be so bad to find out the names of all your hire-ups or the “Chain of Commands” and keep their names listed in your work journal.

I hope that my story has helped someone, and if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact or leave a comment. Thanks for reading!

* 1099 employees are self-employed independent contractors. They receive pay in accord with the terms of their contract and get a 1099 form to report income on their tax return. A W2 employee receives a regular wage and employee benefits.

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