Dr. Dre from Millions 2 Billions

Yes it’s true, our very own west coast native Dr Dre is now a Billionaire and the first in Hip Hop History, a recent video was shot by R&B singer/songwriter/actor and rapper Tyrese not too long ago confirming the exciting news. We are so happy to hear of this, Dr. Dre has been through many trials and tribulations throughout his career in music and has continued to remain focus through it all.  Bringing us countless hits by producing some of the most talented hip hop artist in the game to bringing back Tupac at the Coachella Event and even sharing his vision with Beats by Dre headphones.  It’s always good to see your own continue to rise and remain humble through it all.   The lyrics of rapper Eminem song may say “that they forgot about Dre” but when it comes to making moves like this, there is no forgetting.  Between 2013-2014 the west coast not only has come with now the first Billionaire in Hip Hop, but we also had the First Mother and Son Hip Hop Song titled “Me and My Mama”.  What’s next for the West Coast? We surely can’t wait to find out, and if you already know then make sure you drop us a line so that we can announce it here first.

Street Motivation Magazine salutes Dr. Dre for all of his accomplishments and dedication to West Coast Hip Hop family, and we thank him for continuing to show us on the underground how to continue turning non believers into believers.





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