Will someone please let us know why is DJ Mustard and YG having an argument through social media? Are we not dealing with enough black crimes right now? Did we not just have a Million March in Los Angeles Saturday 12/27/2014? My how soon we forget (SMH) One minute we are fighting for our civil rights and the next 24 hours we are ready to fight each other.  According to this began with a female name “Caatelyn”, who is stating to have gotten genital herpes from west coast recording artist rapper “YG” and that she’s been hurt time and time again, so she figured she’d hurt YG by posting his inside business.  But for some reason DJ mustard got pulled into this situation with everyone asking him was this true or not, maybe because everyone has gotten use to seeing these two together making hot music,  but the spark came when DJ Mustard made the statement saying that YG has never paid him for the album. Now why did he need to say that part? Anyway, we at street motivation are always trying to keep the peace and get to the bottom of things by not adding fuel into a fire, but by adding Motivational H20 along with common sense, so that not only no one ends up getting hurt,  but in the end they remain friends.   In the meantime we will try and keep you updated as the plot thickens by the hour.  Be kind to each other and lets get back to the real problems……remember  “Hands up Don’t Shoot“.


The really sad part is all the “Likes” can someone please make a “Don’t Like” button! dislike


SM Team

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