Distribution Deal for Street Motivation Magazine!!

Street Motivation has just received a 3-year contract for distribution through Disticor.  Disticor Magazine Distribution Services is a distributor of international mass market and special interest newsstand publications ranging from the UK to Australia and spanning over fifty magazine newsstand categories.  Today Disticor Magazine Distribution Services is the largest Canadian national distributor of newsstand publications in Canada and the fifth largest national distributor in the USA.

Street Motivation Magazine is all about promoting unsigned artist that many of us have not had the chance to hear, maybe because the internet is so filled with independent music, that it’s hard to find the good verses the bad.   Well were all about bringing you the best, and placing their music right in front of you for easy listening.

We believe that if we support these great unsigned talented individuals they can go beyond their own dreams to see themselves as star just as we do.  Our current issue features “Kamilah Chevel”, and she is a singer/ songwriter from Pasadena, California that brings you easy listening and positive lyrics, her vocal range is UN-denying and her style of writing is unique.  Street Motivation is the first to bring a cover story to you about this rising star and so many others.

Don’t wait for these artist to make it big to begin supporting, simply start today by purchasing an issue, reading what we have to offer, and following our motivational journey, you never know, you may find yourself on our pages and 10,000 others looking at you.


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