Day 6 Of Black History Month



Black History and music runs parallel to each other you know,..

The bloodlines from twelve tribes runs through modern Kings and Queens veins and now rap flows….

With speech notes, dreams rose ……

reaching heights, moving souls…..

You can smell the funk from Sly’s shout “STAND!” over feet tapping and tapping toes.

From slaves singing psalms for deliverance to rhyme scheming and delivery

we’ve come long ways, still adding on to Black History…

Sensibly, youre kin to me, guarantee…

To remember me….

We are legacy……….

So don’t get left behind, for there are hidden gems made of wisdom to be found over time…

As the brave accepts it, taking on challenges, enjoying its presence…

Grasping each lesson, and learning from thee while watching Him exalt blessings…..

To my ancestry, It’s time to be free…..

Happy 6th day of the celebration of Black History 2014. Dig Deeper, become rooted, and create your lane to contribute to history’s narrative. The capacity for growth and change has not yet been filled to the max.

Knowledge of what and who Black History is, could be consumed daily by studying those who have been there, done that, and still doing it. But the difficult part of this particular strategy is the maintaining and being responsible for what you know…..That’s the daily fight….But don’t get discouraged, keep standing and keep pushing for who and what you want to become. 

BE….Salute. -Stay Motivated.









Success is to be measured not so much by position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed. -Booker T. Washington


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