When our staff is contacted to come to an event, we are always ready and set to go!  Motivation being at the top of the list of course, Mr. DZale of CEO Records let’s us know that he is jazzed up for our arrival.  After setting the stage for his guest to approach our red carpet, we had the pleasure of meeting more of CEO Records staff members who were also as energetic as Mr. DZale.  First up on the carpet was Ms. Ani Galestanian founder of Limitless Entity a consulting and branding company for indie artist. Ms. Ani Galestanian comes in with a very positive energy and ready to network attitude, we suggest that artist and business owners get in contact with her for tips on branding your own company, as well as managing your music endeavors.

Ani Galestanian Guest who steps in the room and immediately catch our eye? None other than the gorgeous femcee west coast recording artist Ms. Toi and her entourage of great friends/family who we will name as the story moves forward.  Street Motivation has a chance to get with Ms. Toi on the carpet,  flick up and find out that she has new music hitting the clubs.  Her new singles titled “Deal Wit It” and “Hot Like Chipotle” is already first on our list to snab before the ink dries on the CD.  These songs are hype and laced with dope lyrics that only Ms. Toi could pull off herself, as she sets the stage with mic in hand ready to put that Inglewood flava in ya ear, Street Motivation was able to snap a few flics of this Diva in motion and if you follow our instagram@stmotivationmag you can get a quick 10 seconds of her fire.   I personally wanted to yell out “Give it to em Toi!”, but the way the crowd was already screaming, and the way she was putting it down let me know that she was already feeling the words…Ms Toi was putting in that work and giving it to them already.

Ms. Toi Parham DSC02592Once the stage has been left burning down, Ms. Toi comes and flicks up a bit more with a few of her family members Mr. Binky Mack, Boo Capone & GoofyWoofy along with more members that came out to the Coda Lounge in support of the indie movement. You can catch more of these hot flics in our April Issue and we will be posting up the video footage right here on our site so that you can get all the juicy goods.

DSC025855footaz NebLuv was in the building along with femcee Queen Kandi Cole, Kne-hi that also came threw to blaze the stage with true talent that cannot be taught, but one must only be born with it.  See these photo’s and more in the April Issue.

Beautiful Latin Pop Singer Carrie G who is also signed with CEO Records, along with on the rise singer from Peru Mr. KingZio, who has a new single in rotation on Oxygeno 102.1FM in Lima Peru and, he has also a song released titled “Peruvian Flake” in a new TV Commercial for Ice Tea made in Peru. You can also catch this artist here on youtube.


This was such a fun night meeting new indie artist and catching up with some of our already west coast family artist.   Street Motivation has been invited out to cover more of Mr. DZale and his CEO Records shows, and of course we will be on the scene and motivated.  The Lounge is small but the energy makes a big splash, making connections, enjoying the music and remaining positive is all you need to have a great night.  -Stay Motivated!


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