Brian J – Grey Sweatpants

Brian J – Grey Sweatpants

BrianJ, also known as Brian Johnson, is an American rapper from Pomona, California. He gained popularity in the local hip-hop scene and has been making a name for himself with his unique style and lyrical abilities.

While specific details about BrianJ’s discography, collaborations, or notable songs may be limited, he has been actively releasing music and engaging with his fans through social media platforms. He has been known to showcase his skills through freestyles and various music videos.

To stay updated on BrianJ’s music and career and his new single titled “Grey Sweatpants”, it is recommended to follow his official social media accounts, such as Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube. These platforms often provide insights into his latest releases, upcoming shows, and other updates. Additionally, local music events and venues in the Pomona area may feature BrianJ or provide opportunities to see him perform live.


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