Black History Month is here!!



The sweet aroma from your mama’s fried chicken entices your senses like her grandma’s use to. Its odor cascading over waves mimicking sailing ships bringing back memories of days, where you’ve witnessed many generations of your uncles slammin’ bones, hearing sounds of freedom’s ring on picnic tables willingly. Grandpa‘s inventing tracks banging his hammer on nails, imitating the tribes’ beating drums and a workmen’s clanks of the Santa Fe Railroad. Big Mama’s rhythmic whisks of eggs and vanilla molasses prepares her homemade pies, allowing its fragrance to ignite with the breeze. Filling up the nostrils throughout the neighborhood imprinting, “Peace, Love, and Soul…”.

Eazy’s blastin’ Dre’s beats with Cube protesting through his ear, “…all I wanna do is have fun with my loved ones…relatives and my cousins…and I got em by the dozens…“. Representing, FAMILY…Let’s continue innovating, and accepting all challenges coming from the past, upcoming future, and present day of Black History. Keep inspiring musically, inventing UN-excusably, encouraging others, and motivating yourself because there is still plenty of  room for history to be made. Like Jill Scott‘s voice had swayed, “Warrior…keep fightin‘, I know you’re there…” Persist to appreciate Black History infinitely fam…..Salute. -Stay Motivated

If there is no Struggle, then there is no progress  -Fredrick Douglas

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