Keion Kasino vs. Kast One


OOOWEEE! OK so today was the AHAT.TV rap battle and if your not familiar with going to a rap battle or you don’t know anything about them or you just didn’t show up, see the flyer or couldn’t make it, then we need to tell you that you really missed a Hot Show!  The battle kicked off with some heat from Keion Kasino vs. Kast One, next was  Billy Boondocks vs Sin City Nyce whocame through with some smoke,  8R14 vs. Vicky Myers definitely got a blaze going,  XP vs. Diesel kept the blaze going, but when it came to the end of the show it was Young B vs. Kid Clutch that burned down the building!   The competition between all the artist was a show you should not have missed, but once you check out the footage at www.Ahat.tv you will find out for ya self what you missed.  Make sure that you begin to remain connected to our next issue coming featuring west coast recording artist “Jayo Felony” and more pics from the battle in the issue.

Sin City Nyce vs. Billy Boondocks
Vicky Myers vs. 8R14
XP vs. Diesel
Kid Clutch vs. Young B The Future


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