Action Bronson, F*ck That’s Delicious!

Action Bronson, F*ck That’s Delicious!

Rap’s favorite gourmet chef has graced the game once more with his debut for the trailer of his new TV series F*ck, That’s Delicious! Initially popularized by his YouTube channel (Munchies), Action Bronson brings a new flavor to the table by sampling various types of cuisine from all over the globe. Bronson indulges in such delicacies as Bar-B-Que from an open fire in Cape Town, South Africa (Mzoli’s lets you pick your cut fresh from the kill), to kebabs in London (finely spiced flesh roasting on an open spit), to lamb necks in the Bayou!
Action Bronson is well known for his gritty flow and graceful rhymes with a dash of delivery sounding familiar to Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghost Face Killa. Bronson incorporates a unique style in his rapping by utilizing witty references to gourmet dishes and 5-star meals, making each track similar to a secret recipe – a pinch of metaphor, a dash of soliloquy, and maybe a touch of basil. As a true culinary enthusiast and a chef he shows his refined palette with each new city and restaurant he visits, and his booming personality truly conveys the essence of each new meal he tries. Debuting on March 3, the new series will be a continuation of Action Bronson’s popular YouTube series and will be featured on Viceland. Check out the trailer here.  by: Robert Vickens [Los Angeles, CA.]



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