Frank Nitt and Dolemite Present: The Streaker (Album Review)

Frank Nitt and Dolemite Present: The Streaker (Album Review)

On October 20, 2017, prolific detroit MC, Frank Nitt teamed up with Uneekenterprise Gibson to
bring us Frank Nitt and Dolemite Present: The Streaker. The project features solid lyricism and
cadences from Frank with witty and comedic voice samples from comedy legend, Rudy Ray
Moore also known as Dolemite.
In the 60’s Rudy Ray Moore released comedy albums that resembled prison toasts. He had a
very loud, brash, vulgar, and conversational tone and mostly spoke in rhyme throughout his
discography. Many music theorists believe Moore’s comedy albums helped develop hip-hop in
the late 70’s. The voice samples add context to the album and coincide with Frank Nitt’s rhyme
schemes for this six track project.
Sonically, the album is a mixture of the West Coast funk and Detroit’s soulful swing. A prime
example is the track No Fame Ft. Illa J. The beat sounds like it was influenced by WC’s The
Street’s Ft. Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg. Even while taking a listen, Illa J’s hook sounds like
Nate Dogg’s in terms of his tone. Frank’s verses show he is a seasoned MC and shows he has
mastered the art of rap. One of the stand out lines he has is “On the boat in the Mid-Atlantic, I’m
whale watchin’, I’m really watchin’ them haters, watch how your man got em.” In this song,
Frank and Illa J are expressing they feel underrated, but are not in this game for fame. They
simply want to use their crafts to enjoy themselves and pay their bills. I believe part of the
reason it’s such nice blend of West Coast and Detroit hip-hop because Frank Nitt is native to
Detroit and moved here to Los Angeles in recent years.
Another standout record on this EP is Streaker Ft. T3 of Slum Village. The way they both bob
and weave over kicks and snares is truly impressive. Both of their styles are complementary of
each other as it seems as if they are sparing with each other on the record. The beat is hard
hitting glitch-hop with a hint of soul. The track ends and goes seamlessly into the last track
Lemonade Ft. Bontni Applebum.
Lemonade has a smooth neo-soul feel with Frank Nitt spitting game at a female. Frank’s
delivery on this record is very conversational and persuasive as he tries to get this woman to be
interested in him. The beat is very funky and and has a very nice synth riff. Botni Applebum’s
vocals are very instrumental to this track. Not only does she ride the beat really well, but her
background vocals for the hook are used throughout the song. When you listen to this track you
can’t help but want to two-step and slide. While bumping it in your car, you most definitely feel
like a pimp much like Dolemite.
Overall, this album, in my opinion is rather good and is becoming one of the most slept on
projects to release this year. It features six hard-hitting, funky, electronic, and soulful records
with lyrics that don’t have any fluff. Everyone whos is featured on the album adds dynamic to
the project and gives it flavor. After tracks 1-6 are played there is an instrumental version of
album from tracks 7-12. Before this year is up, you have to give this project a


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