Lupe Fiasco’s newest track Made in the USA featuring Bianca Sings

Lupe Fiasco’s newest track Made in the USA featuring Bianca Sings

by: Robert Vickens


Lupe Fiasco’s newest track Made in the USA featuring Bianca Sings was released on iTunes yesterday, and Street Motivation Magazine is here to tell you “it is an absolute banger!”

Lupe introduces the song with a hard hitting verse inlaid with Glocks and rifle-fire. Through this hardcore rap he brings light to the fact that the guns and drugs may come from overseas but they are used to make our American Dream. The profit is pure American currency (the base valuation of most foreign countries’ currencies). He goes on to mention that our whips may be foreign but they’re made in Detroit. Everything from the gang bangers and drug runners on the West Coast to hip-hop’s heritage in both the North and South to the beautiful immigrants in South Miami to the violent racism and rampant murders in the Midwest go into this melting pot.

Lupe flaunts his skills as a conscious rapper without being esoteric or preachy with lines like “KFC ya tryna kill me,” and turns up the heat with, “F**k the police was Ruthless Records, Black Panthers was moving reckless.” He equates the red, white, and blue of the American flag to Bloods, Crips, and other gangs across the country fighting in the streets to get their piece of the pie. “And I got slang from every region, I been speaking stars and stripes, and I been dreaming pledge allegiance, I’m Made in The USA!”

The song is a great listen on every level. The beat relentlessly pounds and reverberates bass and snares behind gothic choir notes and Bianca’s strong singing. His new album Drogas Light is set to release in early 2017. Listen to it here.



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