Birthed on the internet and exploded onto the scene of LA is an amazing new artist who goes by the name of Yung Jake. This slightly stoic slightly surreal millennial has the swag of Basquiat mixed with the style of Picasso and a pinch of Warhol edged off with the insanity of youth’s idealism. He creates images with vivid color and stark, gritty contrasts. His music videos explore themes of personal duality, the drug scene, and pop culture. He has been described by connoisseurs as “post everything.” His work is primarily online but Yung Jake has been featured in high end art galleries and premier museums across LA. When hosting his one night exhibition for fans and art collectors (Hydration) he stated his vision: “I had this idea to do a space where every aspect of the party is like a sculpture. Like, the nice pristine gallery with the disgusting ratchet party. There’s like all these dichotomies going on.”

The event went off amazingly as the party evolved into a unique piece of art in motion. Yung Jake and other rappers performed, kids snuck in through the back, and the Hydration collection was hung high and proud. Keeping true to his online demographic, the entire event went up on Yung Jake’s snapchat. People danced on top of pieces of art in a celebration of life and when it was all over Yung Jake himself poured Ciroc and Fiji water on the piece in a singular act seeming to say “This is hydration for the soul. This is Life. This is Art. Drink it.”

His work is highly expressive of a generation raised online; modern influences such as emojis and hip-hop can clearly be seen throughout his art. When asked about his pieces and interpretations of the art he shies away preferring to let the work speak for itself. Yung Jake believes strongly in the power of an idea and knows that with each word he utters he places his work further into a box – a sin he adamantly avoids in the pursuit of fun and love of the form. Through his passion he is inspiring a generation to reach for their dreams and show the world their beauty; he inspires us all to aspire for nothing less than greatness.



-Robert Vickens

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