99 Problems and a Beat Ain’t One! -Trials of a Producer

99 Problems and a Beat Ain’t One! -Trials of a Producer

I make a lot music, and I work with all sorts of artist, major, independent, and companies alike. When I first started to pursue music as a career, I worked with my friends. Back then, I just gave away the beats to them so they could record and make songs. It was great, because everyone was on the same level. We respected each other, and there was some real love between us, like family. Eventually, things got serious, and artist outside of my click became interested in my music production. I would sell beats at $500 a pop, but many of them were underground artists, rappers who would rather spend $50 on a sack of weed, than they would on a beat. I never understood that. If you want to see your music go places, you have to pay for something, you have to invest in yourself.

You can not expect your homeboy to spend money buying computers, (Mac, PC), equipment, cords, microphones, speakers, music programs, (Fruity Loops, Reason, Ableton Live), keyboards, (Fantom, Triton, Kurzweil), drum machines, (MPC, Maschine, Beat Thang), recording software, (Protools, Logic Pro, Cubase), educate themselves, then turn around and give you free beats, free studio time, free weed, free dranks, free rides, and free CD’s. That’s crazy! Many artist still expect this from their friends, family, homeboys, and homegirls too, but when I started charging for my beats, I was told I was crazy. Some said I would never make it. I did, but I lost a lot of friends along the way, and gained some enemies too in the process. After producing thousands of tracks, and having my music heard by millions on a daily basis today, most of the artist I started with are no where around, and no where to be found. It’s mainly because they chose to invest in feeling great, and did not invest in being great. Honestly, I am grateful for all of the artist who did not support me. They helped me become the fantastic BEAST I am today! I am humbled to be recognized for my craft, and blessed beyond measure to be able to share it with world. Thank you everybody!

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Written by Charlie Mac

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