Tupac’s Handwritten Notebooks and Unreleased CD’s

Tupac’s Handwritten Notebooks and Unreleased CD’s

tupac bookMakaveli is risen again and in this rendition of his coming he brings with him some long forgotten notebooks and a few unreleased CD’s.
Tupac Shakur, a long time legend and notorious rapper/actor/activist/poet, is known to have been immortalized in his music (it seems like every 2-5 years another memorial album or movie is being released). Now it has been discovered that three notebooks full of ideas and rhymes along with a few CD’s of unreleased records have been sold to a lucky collector who happened to find them in a Craigslist trade. The original ad was for a sale of baseball cards, but the seller also revealed that he was an associate of Pac’s and had some old memorabilia he was willing to let go.

As the pioneer of Gangsta Rap, an innovator of the Thug Life philosophy, and a lifelong die-hard revolutionary Tupac’s lyrics ring as true yesterday as they do today. Tupac’s mother and former Black Panther, Afeni Shakur, carried him in her womb while representing herself as her own defense attorney in the Panther 21 trial of 1971. She won her freedom approximately one month before Tupac was born. Since then, and before his death, mother and son have made strides for Black communities across the nation and Tupac has forever left his stamp on Hip-Hop.  Time will tell whether or not these items of memorabilia will be sold, but as of now we can see from two pages alone that the content is supremely inspiring.  – Robert Vickens


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