What’s going on SM family, Friends and Fans! Street Motivation was in Eagle Rock, CA. Recently, and inside Producer Josef Leimberg’s studio handling business.   There, we caught up with the well known and Hip Hop’s own, west coastian and San Diego native, Jayo Felony  as he shares with us information on his past, presents and new up coming album titled “I’ma Tell The Troof” soon available in Sept/Oct 2014.   Jayo also was accompanied by one of his producers on the scene “Lethal” of  Blaqrain Entertainment Music Group (BEMG) who also took some time out to share a moment on camera with us, and actually produced the main song on Jayo Felony new album.   Before the interview begins, everyone is on their job,  CEO/Owner Mz. Tasti prepared our SM interview table, street manager and recording artist “Lo’Key Tha YG” sets up the video camera.  David Santiago of “Time Line Photography”  begins Jayo’s photo shoot session. and I, Kim LaShay begin writing what your now reading.   Watching all this, I must say, the vibe of the studio’s entirety grasped my attention before we were ready to get the scoop on what‘s been up with our next cover artist. And of course, I had to check it out.

Following the studio’s tiled mahogany floors that first led to a hidden booth, masked by a window and picture frames.  There were rooms that held colorful memories of platinum plaque artist, vintage honey brass embroidered instruments, and portraits that spoke either art or accomplishment.  But the best room, whose lights were dimmed, was the one that intrigued me the most,  amazed by the vinyl galore leaning on walls and loud sounds of the newest “Jayo Felony” tracks banging out of the speakers.  I couldn’t help but to admire the purple legendary “Jimi Hendrix” painting staring at the disco ball that hung across the room.  Lol! Yes! The vibe was chill and relaxing, but still remaining a professional environment for all around “ART”.
But besides the feel, if you’ve been following us, or have seen us pop up on your digital screen. You’ve already witnessed some of the behind the scenes of the making of our upcoming October issue featuring Jayo Felony, and if you want to know what’s up, click on the link and watch the interview for yourself and see what the legendary west coast artist has in store for all of his fans and followers.

Until then, stay tuned in with Street Motivation Magazine and don’t forget to purchase our newest issue featuring Tha Eastsidaz Catch up on our latest stories and other issues too.  We’re your guide to inspiring indie artist and it’s ya girl Kim LaSha’ saying Stay Motivated…


2014 Interview with “Jayo Felony”

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 Part 2


Part 3 


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