Xzibit, Jayo Felony, Cold 187um @ Extreme Auto Fest

Xzibit, Jayo Felony, Cold 187um @ Extreme Auto Fest

Let’s talk about the San Diego Extreme Auto Fest that featured some of the west hottest west coast major and indie artists from Xzibit, Jayo Felony, Bishop Lamont, Cold 187um, Lo’key Tha YG, Flawless, Tala Jones and more! But let’s not forget about all the beautiful eye candy from magazine model Karla Marin, Mekalia Castillo to the featuring models that signed up for the ultimate Sexy Bikini Contest.  Royal Blunts was there ready to show off their new XXL Chicken & Waffle Blunts,  along with a motivational message from none other than our very own Bishop Lamont. Who can forget all the shiny cars and their crafty owners who love them and take time out to keep them shined up and ready for us all to see, gotta give them their pro props I mean… what’s an auto fest without hot cars right? Right! We even caught up with Actor Noel G who’s featuring many movies that we’ve enjoyed in theater from “Training Day” with Denzel Washington to Bruce Almighty with Jim Carey, Noel speaks on his new TV show titled Training Day that derived from the movie and his alien movie coming. We captured a few short clips of various artists performing, and as the sun gets hotter here in California, so does the video’s…..it’s all right there below, take a look and enjoy!



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